17th December 2013

Blackberry is a troublesome scrub weed in Northland, both in pastures and forests. The hooks can trap woolly sheep, and make pruning and thinning in forests difficult. Seedlings are generally killed by grazing, so it does best to fence-lines, among …

Penny Royal

17th December 2013

Pennyroyal is mainly a weed of moist pastures and turf, although it can tolerate some summer dryness. It is often not noticed until summer when conditions can be quite dry as this is when it flowers most prolifically, making it …

Lifestyle Block Maintenance

13th August 2013

Lifestyle block maintenance.   Weeds like broad-leaf and parsley dropwort (commonly known as carrot weed) in your pasture compete for┬áspace, light, soil moisture and soil nutrients creating poor quality pasture.   Parsley dropwort is a common problem in pasture and …

Autumn winter spray plan

6th June 2013
Anti thistle 2

From 1 May to the end of August is the time to use 24-D ester for thistles and flat weeds in established pastures. It is important to have good weed identification and recommendation before application starts. Weed Identification can be sourced by phoning Chance at NVC or looking up the web sites NRC weed and pest control or Pest Web NZ. Chance is happy to come out and go over a weed plan that suits your pasture and farming policy.