Lifestyle Block Maintenance

13th August 2013

Lifestyle block maintenance.


Weeds like broad-leaf and parsley dropwort (commonly known as carrot weed) in your pasture compete for space, light, soil moisture and soil nutrients creating poor quality pasture.


Parsley dropwort is a common problem in pasture and on road sides throughout Northland.

It is a perennial plant that grows rapidly in the spring, flowering late spring early summer.

It dies down in autumn then re-grows the following season.

Due to the mild climate in Northland germination and re-growth can occur during the winter months.

Parsley dropwort will tolerate both damp and dry conditions; it reproduces through seed and tubers.

The tubers are at the end of the roots; this allows the plant to regenerate if the correct control work has not been done.

Spraying during August and early September before the plant flowers will effectively control it.

If left till after it flowers it becomes more difficult to control.

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