Weed Control Services                                                                                                     Anti gorse 2

Our services include pasture renovation, crop preparation and general weed spraying for farmers, lifestyle block owners, schools, golf clubs, sports clubs and anyone who requires our services. We spray a wide variety of weeds including gorse, blackberry, tobacco, ragwort, ginger and wandering jew. We can also help with the eradication of bamboo.

Using only the latest fully computerised spraying equipment, our GPS guidance system ensures total coverage of every paddock, driveway, roadside and lifestyle blocks we spray. NVC has three boom spray trucks that are equipped with computers and GPS mapping programs. NVC is the only weed spraying business North of Auckland with this technology.

The GPS system isn’t just for show either. We’ve proven we can more efficiently cover pasture using this GPS system so there is no waste; making application more cost effective. If we say we’ve covered the area, we’re not just guessing!